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Beach seats offer incredibly versatile seating. You can place them in various places in your home. At your dining table, you can have bench seats to create casual seating arrangements for your everyday meals with your family and friends. If you’re looking for more storage space, you can have a storage bench or shoe bench to provide you with a place for sitting down whilst being able to tie your shoes. You can use the bench seat as a console table where you rest your purses and bags on before you put them away. A bench seat with some storage space can allow you to declutter your home by keeping items inside the storage area. 

A well-padded, comfy bench seat can create an Ottoman for your space. Whether you’re looking for a bench seat to create a sitting spot in your living room or a piece that you can use as an Ottoman-style footrest, at La Casa Vita, we bring you a collection of bench seats that suit your style and resonate with your space and decor. 

You can use bench seats for compact spaces and maximise your dining seating. Our range of bench seats will add a rustic feel and comfort to your home. You can create your reading nook using cushions or you can feature the bench at the end side of your bed.  

Can Your Benches Be Shipped Fully Assembled?

Yes, you can have your benches shipped fully assembled to make it easier for you to set up the moment they arrive at your home or commercial property. 

How Can Your Benches Be Secured to the Ground?

If you want to secure your benches to the ground, the simplest way is to have the bench into place and then push or hammer the anchors into the ground ensuring they are close to the legs of the bench. When you have set the positioning of the anchors, you now force the anchors into the ground ensuring they stay upright. Move your bench away to have space to hammer the anchors so that they are at the ground level. Now lift back the bench into position and screw or bolt the brackets on. This process is applicable in outdoor bench installation like in your yard or garden and parks. 

How Much Weight Will Your Benches Support?

An ideal bench weight should be able to handle about 160 kg of load, but the higher the better. 

Do you want to buy bench seats for your home space or garden? At La Casa Vita, we offer you versatile, sophisticated bench seats. Contact us today to find out more about our range of bench seat furniture.