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What sorts of brass home décor items do you stock at La Casa Vita?

As a luxury home décor business that sources exceptional statement products from all around the world, you will find an expensive range of unique brass home décor items at La Casa Vita. From purely decorative items including large animal sculptures, dainty floral designs and more mystical creatures to brass items that can be used in everyday life, such as our fruit-shaped wall hooks, palm tree candle sticker holders, napkins rings and even thoughtfully crafted business card holders, you’ll everything you can imagine in our range of brass home décor. 

No matter your unique interior design taste or the theme of the room that you are decorating, you’re sure to find high-quality brass pieces to pair perfectly with your existing furniture and other home décor items.

Why are brass decorations so popular?

There are various reasons why brass decorations are making a comeback in the interior design industry. Firstly, brass is a highly resistant metal. Unlike other metals, brass does not corrode easily — making it an ideal choice for high touch areas including door handles and handrails. However, in addition to its durability, brass is a fantastic choice for purely decorative purposes. Being a warmer, yellowish metal, brass brings a sense of modernity, heritage and comfort to different spaces. Brass decorations can help to make a room feel more elevated and rich — emphasising other warmers colours yet pairing seamlessly with cold and neutral shades too. Brass accents on furniture are also effective at helping create a feeling of space — by reflecting light and textures in smaller spaces.

How should home décor made in brass be styled?

Originally symbolic of conspicuous consumption and showiness, brass now signifies nostalgia, hominess and tradition. So, how can brass home décor be styled in such a way that still feels modern and fresh? The trick to styling home décor made from brass is to stick to matte or un-lacquered finishes and remember to keep the rest of the decorating in the room simple. Brass is a bright and warm metal that demands attention, so keeping the rest of the décor in the room understated will allow your brass statement pieces to make an impact.